TV Trouble

Once there was a boy, Trevar. And he’s a fan of his favorite TV show what he likes to watch. He’s in the living room alone without his parents, but his brother, Ramone, and his sister, Tina. They’re just getting their homework done. They go to their elementary school that is currently being revamped with new renewable energy subscriptions for their power system. They’re going to school all right, but they discovered their bus hasn’t arrived at all. They have been waiting for hours. Ramone: “Tina… How about we should take a subway, and go to school. Our bus must’ve been late, or it broke down. We can’t take a subway without a parent, or adult that we trust.” Tina: “But what about Trevar, our little brother who wanted to go to school. We don’t want him to be left without our parents.” Ramone was a bit worried. He didn’t know their mother has already left this apartment. They have no other choice, but go to school.

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