It’s Getting Close To Christmas And New Years… The Spanking Needs to Be Stopped

The spanker needs to be placed on a naughty list for 2017. However; in order for children to be nicer after 2018, and be free of violence… children has the right to say “no” to spanking. When a child says “no” to spanking, drop the whip, and don’t pick up a pitch fork. If you are a concerned brother or sister who whitnessed spanking activity; stop it immediately. Don’t let your mother get away with it because, this is a dangerous situation that may lead a child to serious dangerof deprivation, or worse. Or if you are a concerned parent; you had the right to stop the smack, and stop the spank.

Children are not “stress-relief” objects, and they’re not ours to hit!

For Concerned Parents

If you are a concerned mother or father who is trying to keep violence out of your family, and punish the spanker who is involved, be sure to listen to the victims of spanking incident. Big brothers and big sisters who were involved should be removed from their rooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, etc. Don’t let the spankers do this to little children.


A little child is just watching TV, but the child refused to listen to his/her big sister because, he/she claims she is treateing him/her like a slave, forcing her to do a task that is only done by older children.

A big sister hits your little child with any household object.

The big sister places a child in a corner of any room.

However; the child has escaped to get help from you.

You told your daughter who is involved to come to a designated location,–a same place where you was at.

There was constant arguing incident, but you as a concerned parent has won the arguement!

You punish your daughter who is involved in spanking children, and you taken her TV set out of her room, and you ordered to do more tasks at home, and you take your child who is a victim to a mental hospital to check for mental issues.

What You Should Do If You Discovered Spanking Like This Example Above?

Don’t take their excuses from these spankers, punish them by taking priviliges away:

  • Internet priviliges by limiting usage,–only for homework use.
  • Removing TV priviliges.
  • Privilige of staying home to watch over small children.
  • Removing a stereo system for listening music. This is necessary to teach a spanker a lesson.

The victim who is complaining needs to be treated. Never allow a sister/brother to excuse this under any circumstances. ignore these following excuses:

  • Someone has gone into my stuff!
  • For not listening.
  • Bad
  • Not cleaning up _____
  • And more

If a child has some behavior that is unknown, always check with your doctor, or school nurse, or any expert who will pinpoint this problem.

If a child has ran outside of the home, and the child got help from a neighbor, a person may call the police, and have the spanker arrested. This is necessary to teach a spanker a lesson. Sometimes, a victim needs to be taken to the hospital.

If the spanking incident continues, and bodily harm has been revealed, always call 911 for the USA, or call 999 or 112 for the UK. If you have active cameras for your home, use them to sto the spank. That can be used as evidence when providing content to the officers, or uploading to your online video hosting account to spread the word.

You may need to get help from your friend who will watch over the spanking victim, and provide shelter to be safe at all costs.

Place spankers on the naughty list, this is necessary to teach them a lesson! Try to keep them on this list for at least 10 years. Never bribe the spankers…

Advocate for anti-spanking laws, and make spanking your child a crime.

If you caught any of your older children threatening to hit someone for everything; you have the following options:

  • Take him/her to a mental hospital for psychieatric examination.
  • Relocate the spanker to certain rooms to keep the spanker away from a child. You can also lock away the spanker at night, by choosing to keep the spanker locked in by blocking the door.
  • Sending the spanker to prison via an order of a local/state/county/federal court.
  • Punishing spanker.


This above section is a reference to a TV show that inspired me. “Arthur’s Big Hit” By Marc Brown

Arthur has his TV priviliges taken after he hit DW over his model airplane what he was building, and it was broke. Jane Read has did her good job punishing Arthur for hitting DW.

If You’re a Concerned Child

If you believe spanking is caused by a parent, or anyonw, or you believe ause is putting in danger, seek shelter, and be sure to dial 911 if spanking is abusive, or bodily harm has been revealed.

The spanker should be arrested, and taken to prison.

Take the following tips:

  • Never listen to the spanker
  • Never serve your punishment… it’sdangerous!
  • Call 911 if you were in danger, or if you were abused.
  • If you discovered anyone doing it, stop it now.
  • Run, and take shelte.
  • Keep trying to get help.
  • The police should never bring the child back to the spanker/abuser. The child needs protection.
  • If you believe loopholes has been exploited… You may need to move to a different state or country where spanking is officially banned. If not… start a religion that condems spanking.

Let’s help victims of spanking, and help the anti-spanking activists beat the spank vampires, and protect our children from harm.

Pets needs to be protected against spanking too!

Spanking your pets is cruelty! If you see someone doing it, don’t let it slide!

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