The Dog Owner Who Spanked Her Puppy

Once there was a peaceful village, enjoying their holidays. The Christmas trees are decorated, windmills are now providing energy for these homes, and its cold outside.

This village has streets that are now laid with bricks, houses that are big and beautiful with big windows and big doors, and there are beautiful people who lived in this village.

There’s a house that may look like an ordinary house outside…

However; inside, there’s a mess that was left behind by a puppy who isn’t being trained with respect, and there was an angry owner. This house may look like its ready for the holidays, but the Christmas tree is still intact, and the stockings are still hung on a chimney. This fireplace has no glass barrier to prevent a puppy from crawling in… this is not a way to protect your puppy during the holidays!

Look of this house! I believe this person is dealing with her dog, and she is kind of crazy.

Here’s the lady who is a dog owner, and she recently got a puppy from a shelter where she was trying to find a new home where spanking is illegal. This is a brown poodle what she picked up earlier. She is kind of curious about this home, and she wanted to map out this entire house! But she was locked in a cage by her owner who hits her over everything.

When the brown poodle was enjoying her time roaming in this house to exercise; she likes to play with other dogs. There are 4 other dogs who were trained by their owners without spanking. Most of these trainers are vegetarian, but this owner of the brown poodle isn’t because, she eats lots of meat.

One puppy has went to the backyard to enjoy the outdoors. However; she wears a diaper because, this is necessary for her to trained easily without making a mess.

Two other dogs are wearing diapers because they’re bing trained without violance. One blue poodle who is the humanely trained puppy has enjoyed time without violence, and she is still kind of young, but she is about 4 years old. Maybe aging has slowed to a crawl via a vegetarian diet what she is currently choosing each day. I believe she’s evolving because, she likes her trainer who cares about anti-spanking laws.

One other dog is just being trained not to drop a load in this house, but this trainer is trying to train her without spanking. He is an expert who trains his dog without hurting her.

The brown poodle has never seen this guy train a dog without spanking. She has wished she was trained without being spanked. What she remembered; she was brutally hurt by her previous owner who hit her with a large spoon. However; that large spoon was seized by the police as evidence. She has severe depression, and she can’t be trained with a harsh owner who hits over everything.

Blue poodle has discovered the brown poodle isn’t wearing a diaper at all!

Blue poodle is worried she will drop a load, and wet this house.

The brown poodle takes a walk down the hallway, trying to find a trainer who is willing to train her without violence.

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