What happens if I condemn spanking as abuse when starting a new religion?

So, you had a new religion what you’ve just developed, and you wanted to protect children against violence by prohibiting spanking altogether. It’s your religion what you’re developing… you are making a right choice to stop the spanking for good. However; you may need to finely tune your religion to make anti-spanking as a custom that is mandatory work the right way. You can protect children, and help them evolve for the years to come. That also removes common behaving issues when spanking was a threat to a child. No child should be end up in violent hands of a parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, stepmother, or anyone. If this is a case, you’ll have more people converting to your religion that will take the spank out of our planet.

Some people who were about to condemn spanking within their religion has the following questions,–after they’ve first condemned spanking within their newly started religion:

  • Will children evolve, and will it overpower a cruel society?
  • Will children live in peace within their childhood, and be focused on tasks at school?
  • Will children be protected 24/7?
  • Will children who were growing up still go to school?
  • Will children develop something new?

If you had this religion that condemns spanking at all costs, and your religion grows… you as a founder/pastor is going to encounter children joining your religion, and you may outnumber some religious organizations. And this is going to be useful when you are trying to help the abused/neglected. No more sparing the rod, and no more spoiling the child! It may take years for your religion to grow, and it may take some time to help stop the spank,–unless you implemented laws that will forbid spanking.

If you made spanking your child illegal, and make it punishable by forcing a parent to give children space, that will teach a parent a lesson. That will also include other members of a family.

If 1,000,000 children has been removed from the spanker’s target, the spanker must be punished altogether. However, I’m building up efforts to start a religion that will condemn spanking, but you have to experiment with your religion. And that takes time.


If other religions gone angry, that can be a serious problem. But you need to varify if your anti-spanking customs are extremely strict. If you have serious anti-spanking advocates who were supporting this anti-spanking custom, you can outevolve from 1 generation to the another. And that can also cause other societies to go out.

If any person who is not in your religion, they may have trouble interacting with your members of your religion. For example; a person who is training a dog with cruel methods may be taken to prison for cruelty to animals. But a person who is training a dog without cruel methods gets to keep her dog. However; it will be more spanking towards animals, and that will be a serious problem. But you can resolve this by adding a custom that will protect animals too!

If you have a previous generation of a family that is linked to violence, and fights… that will cause them to go out of control, but you as a founder of your religion has the right to take out the spank by force. And you have a secret weapon to stop the spank. If your religion include courts, you can force a family to stop the spank, and seize violence.

Changes you may encounter

Depending on your new religion, you can make changes go fast, or slow,–or both. You can protect children 24/7; and you can prevent violence at schools, homes, and other places.

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