Hitting Your Child With Household Objects Over A Bad Report Card Should Be Considered As Cruelty To Children

That’s right!! Bad parents do deserve to go to prison for cruelty to children. Religion doesn’t make you immuned to modern laws in the USA, but these loopholes has been left open for abusive parents to cheat the system. Everyday, we watched the news about most children being taken out of abusive homes. But most other foster homes has been exploiting loopholes everyday… you heard one news, then the another.

The Story

When I was stuck at home,–after the bus has broke down; I was minding my own business chilling in my room that is not a bedroom at all! My big sister has received a call from a school around the corner. I was kind of curious what is going to happen next. I have no TV in my room because, my greedy big brother has moved the TV out of our room.

As my cousin came back from school, my big sister demanded him to strip naked, but he was forced to do so, this illegal act what my big sister was doing can lead her to prison.

She beat him with a belt, and yelled like an insane woman.

I was powerless! And I’m so afraid to dial for emergency services.

My big sister should be held liable for abusing my cousin who don’t deserve to be hit for this!

What you should do?

If you are a child who saw your big sister or anyone hitting your brother, cousin, or anyone, follow these instructions:

  1. Terminate the spanking by using reasonable amount of force,–until the spanker drops. If you had a second person helping you, encourage a second person to contact emergency services. If you have cameras installed; preserve the recordings,–so the police can use this recording as evidence for your report.
  2. Care for a victim who is hurt. A second person, and a third person must restrain the aggressor who is involved in hitting. Have a friend who you trust help you. If there’s bruises, you may need to care for them, or let the EMS do it for you.
  3. Wait for the authorities to arrive, and be sure to follow important instructions provided by them.
  4. Let the officer arrest the spanker,–after you pressed charges against a spanker.
  5. Get out the door, and run!
  6. Keep speaking up, until the law enforcement arrests the spanker.
  7. Follow the instructions provided by the law enforcement. You may need to take shelter elsewhere in your local county, or go to a different state, ask for anti-spanking laws to fully take affect,–after asking for new anti-spanking laws.
  8. Seek help for finding shelter to stay away from abusers.


If you are a person who is involved in spanking children over a bad report card, you’ll be taken to prison.

It’s a child’s right to report abuse! Any form of restraining may lead you to a serious removal of your child from your family, or worse.

Why this is a problem?

Every 13.24 seconds; a child is hit, beaten, and abused in the USA. No child has reported a problem with his/her family with a teacher at school! Many children hasn’t brought abuse behind closed-doors to light for a long time. A child has the right to report abuse, and take shelter. But there’s no such shelter where spanking is illegal.

There’s no such anti-spanking law that protect one child from a spanker in a family. No measures that will bring spankers to mental institutions that are designed to prevent them from ever hurting children in the future.

There’s no such anti-spanking hotline.

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