TV Trouble

Once there was a boy, Trevar. And he’s a fan of his favorite TV show what he likes to watch. He’s in the living room alone without his parents, but his brother, Ramone, and his sister, Tina. They’re just getting their homework done. They go to their elementary school that is currently being revamped with new renewable energy subscriptions for their power system. They’re going to school all right, but they discovered their bus hasn’t arrived at all. They have been waiting for hours. Ramone: “Tina… How about we should take a subway, and go to school. Our bus must’ve been late, or it broke down. We can’t take a subway without a parent, or adult that we trust.” Tina: “But what about Trevar, our little brother who wanted to go to school. We don’t want him to be left without our parents.” Ramone was a bit worried. He didn’t know their mother has already left this apartment. They have no other choice, but go to school.

As they left their apartment, Trevar changes the channel to watch his favorite TV program that feature 5 friendly mice. Well, this show that focuses on horseback-riding is still running,–it’s a proprietary-licensed show that is owned by Ric’s Broadcasting Central LLC. It’s an old business all right, but they’re still active. They’re only active on a certain cable channel that is premium. That means; you must have a subscription with a silver membership to view this content. Trevar: “I wish I can watch my favorite show after that. A mouse is my favorite animal. I’m a vegetarian, but my mother still purchase these cruel traps.” Trevar adjusts the volume of his TV. He can hear his father trying to open the door. But he has to find his mother who works at Ada’s Egg & Chicken Inc. His father, Tim has to visit his son because, he has to check on him on the regular basis. He takes issues with children left without parents seriously!

Trevar can hear some other people going down the hallway. Some are just going to work. But some of them are just moving out to buy new homes. They’re buying new homes because, they’re clearing up resources for new clients who were moving in. They had to discontinue gas service because, they’re switching to electric for the purpose of saving our environment. Trevar thought they’re going to shut off the entire building. But he watched some other TV shows as he waits for his favorite show to arrive on screen.

Suddenly, the TV set has shut off without any user intervention. Trevar yells for his fater as he unlocks the door. Tim has ran right in! Tim: “What’s the issue Trevar? Sounds like you’re a buck mouse that needs help with something.” Trevar points to the TV set. Trevar: “It shut off without warning. I was trying to watch my favorite TV show that is coming up next.” Tim replied: “Thanks for letting me know about your experience with your TV trouble. I’ll never EVER spank a child for any mistake, or wrong-doings under any circumstances. I’ve just arrived from the largest mousery in this village of Amber-John. I thought you’re going to school this morning.” Tim enters his room to settle down. He searches for tools to fix the TV

Trevar goes to his room to read his favorite book about fairies. He can hear his father yelling: “Where’s the toolbox, if I don’t get this set fixed, that will be a disaster. I have to safeguard my son at all costs. I’ve used to work at the defunked school where they’re been fined for illegally spanking children for the purpose of generating revenue. This is known as ‘paid to spank’, or any kind of illegal schemes.” Tim was a bit worried. He planned out his emergency efforts to keep his child safe at all costs.

About 4 hours went by; Trevar has been reading his book for a long time. He was enjoying his book all right, but his father was so concerned; he’s on the prowl to catch any of these abusive activities. Christan; Trevar’s mother has been arriving from the farm,–covered in hay, and dirt. She’s been also carrying her purse containing a letter from Trevar’s school about his condition. And she doesn’t like it!

She charges towards Trevar’s room with a yell, but Tim has stopped her, and he said: “Christan! You should be ashamed to yourself, you should NOT do this to your child under any circumstances, if you want to keep your children, you must comply with these new laws and regulations. You have to pay child support, but you’ve been gambling with your earned income. That’s being a deadbeat parent. And your earnings has been garnished. Now I can’t get my bills paid in time. Do you know it’s illegal to NOT pay child support?” Christan yelled: “Why did you grabbed me to prevent me from beating this child? I can spank someone whatever I want.” Tim guides Christan to his room. He turns off the player, and removes a disc that contains content that is not suitable for children. It was a book on disc that promotes spanking children. Tim: “Looks like you need a time out Christan! No more spanking children for a week. That means I’m going to remove this hanger what you’ve used for spanking children from your crate. This hanger is used for hanging clothes, not for spanking children.” Christan was frustrated. She has to face her punishment because, she attempted to spank a child. Tim has to teach Christan a lesson. But he has to do it with caution.

Tim removes the trap from the door of his room, and Trevar has ran out, he said: “Thanks for saving my life Daddy!” Tim replied: “Your mother really needs to be monitored by your school who suspected abuse, your mother was in and out of prison since years ago.” Tim cleans up his mother’s mess. Christan was still in her room. She was also been ordered NOT to watch any movies for a week.

As Tina, and Ramone has arrived at school. They decided to watch some TV. They tried to go to the channel,–where movies were playing. Well, they did made it. Turns out the channel what Trevar was watching has technical difficulties. Ramone’s favorite show, DiamondCube 0.1 is coming up. They’ve already did their homework, and they’re about to get their snacks ready,–so they can eat their meal as they watch their favorite movie. Ramone: “That movie is going to be good! I’ll going to write a review, I always write a review for my favorite movies.” Tina: “I’ll be watching it too.” Both of them cranked up the TV to hear all of the sound of this movie. Ramone: “This content is paid but Trevar’s father is an affiliate for this cable service. Whenever there’s a sale for a movie that is being watched; he receives a commission of a sale. But it will NOT be effective when watched on a same set. I have to see for myself. Tina hands over the remote to Ramone. She smiled for a just a bit. Tina: “Affiliate… That’s a myth. This guy isn’t old enough to watch movies. If Dad is more than an affiliate. Within this package, he receives free products and reviews them. Since he likes this service. His recommendations might be difficult to find out, he currently has a blog somewhere online.” The movie starts to play. And the disclaimer message has played first, this film is open-source, and it’s reusable for our creative world.

They’re recording the show all right, but suddenly; the TV set starts to ark, and spark. Tina: “I heard something funny! It could be a CRT unit itself.” Ramone: “That set is defective, and it needs to be replaced. The CRT can be changed, but this unit needs to be reconstructed.” Tina: “I told you NOT to watch any movies.” ramone has discovered the TV set is smoking up like crazy. That’s when Tim, and Trevar left the apartment to go to the largest hotel where they host a mousery. Tim’s voice: “Let’s bust out of here!” The TV set is shaking like crazy.

Bam!!! The set has blown through Daniel’s apartment. Daniel: “What on earth is that?” He ran towards the hole where the TV has flown. Tina: “That guy was watching a movie. But the set exploded.” Daniel has discovered a mess. Daniel: “Are you okay Ramone? Looks like you need to go to the hospital.” Daniel runs out the door to escape the smoky apartment. Christan has ran out of her room with a metal spoon, threatening Ramone to strip naked,–condemned by activists around the world. Unfortunately; Andrea, Ramone’s ally has spotted this form of abuse what Christan has been involved. She took video footage, and narrate what actually happened.

Andrea goes to the Violet Pixie elementary school to tell the principal, Ms. Rabbitly about an abuse what Christan has committed. Andrea: “Christan, my insane neighbor has abused Ramone, my ally over a broken TV that just exploded.” Ms. Rabbitly: “What TV set?” Andrea: “Trevar’s TV has exploded, after they’ve been watching a movie. I had the footage.” Andrea hands over the DVD to Ms. Rabbitly. She plays it on her laptop computer. The disc plays, and what she saw is graphic! Ms. Rabbitly: “Christan, that mother of 3 is in big trouble, we have to punish her, and ban her from ever spanking children for life.” Professor Frank has arrived at the office, and he looks at the video footage of Andrea’s report. Professor Frank: “When punishing this mother of 3… you can ask the judge to put her on a registry that prohibit her from ever spanking children for the rest of her life.” Andrea runs away to take cover as the principal calls for help.

Back at the apartment, Ramone was tied up in his room, and his mother is taking his property away. What she’s doing is copyfraud. And Tim has discovered an officer breaking open the door. She is about to arrest Christan for an allegedly spanking Ramone. But the officer has to make her way through the door.

Once she finally made it to the living room, she arrests Christan, and take her away. The paramedics has taken Ramone to the hospital,–after he was untied from his mother’s strong rope what she used to tie down cargo for keeping them harnessed to the inside of the truck.

Once Ramone is taken to the hospital, Christan is placed behind bars,–before trial. She may look like she’s in jail, but this facility is just opened during the official grand-opening of their business. Well, this is a non-profit prison. And it may look like an ordinary prison. Instead of corrupted officials there’s lots of epical officers who has the job to keep this facility in good standing.

While Christan is behind bars, she met other prisoners who were convicted of abuse, and copyfraud. It’s kind of like a child-abuser’s prison, and copyfraudster’s prison combined. None of these individuals has talked to her. They were so scared because, they don’t want to go near her. She was marked as an abuser. She was covered in something.

At the hospital, Ramone has been reabilitated with his nurse who looks after him. She speaks to Ramone. Ramone tells her what actually happened at home. The nurse was crossed. And she discovered a metal spoon with blood on it. Christan has left evidence! Well, this metal spoon is stored in the glass case,–so it won’t be tampered by anyone.

Ramone has to go to therapy,–so he can recover. He wished he wanted to ride his favorite rabbit for his movie project, but he has to delay it for a long time.

At the hotel; Tim is about to sleep, but he’s about to be awaken by the telephone. He pushes the button to activate the speaker. Christan: “Tim are you there?” The voice is kind of breaking up. Tim: “Where you are now? I’m trying to call your phone.” Christan: “I’m in jail! They arrested me for spanking children. They took my stupid son away. And he raised my cable bill.” Tim: “You can’t spank children because of a TV trouble, that set was so defective, I have to get it recycled,–so I can get a new set for Trevar. Never do this to anyone under any circumstances.” Suddenly, the jail phone system has been turned off. Tim starts to sleep as Trevar rides on his favorite stuffed white mouse. He can sleep as he ride it. The door to his room is locked, so bad guys can’t enter. Trevar has to get used to live with his father who cares for him seriously. He has trouble with his cable subscriptions. And child support hasn’t been paid at all. Over $200,000,000 hasn’t been paid. And the officers swarming this hotel has been finding Christan for hours,–after she was arrested.

Days went by; Christan was end up in court. She was restrained in the restraint chair,–so she won’t attack anyone in the courtroom. The principal has shown the judge a video footage taken by Ramone’s ally who was so concerned about her neighbor’s condition at home. And an illegal spanking act. Christan has denied these alligations, but this raw footage has the exclusive truth about Christan’s abusive scheme. Ramone is not there he’s still hospitalized. The metal spoon with his blood on it is considered real evidence. Christan didn’t even allow the judge to speak. But one of Christan’s thugs bribed one of the officers to take her out, but these thugs were removed, and challenged for bribery.

Christan was convicted of her crime. She was sentenced to 12-18 years in prison, and she’s ordered to be nice to children after release. And she’s also sentenced to take Ramone to an amusement park, or camp, and pay a fine of $500,000 per work, due to claims of copyfraud.

Once Christan is in prison. She was ordered not to go near any children. Her son, Trevar is now on a list that protects him from being spanked. This is a ‘NO spank’ list. That means children who were placed in this secure database,–depending on a child’s wish will be protected against being spanked by parents. This is the child-abusers’ prison that is established to keep abusive parents out of our society.

Days after Ramone has recovered; he rides his favorite rabbit for his movie project. Since his legs can barely work, he has to rely on his large rabbit that is real as his legs. The nurse who looks after Ramone is glad because, his parent is behind bars, because, that will teach his mother a lesson. Ramone’s wish has been granted. His father has raised money to fund a camping trip for his son’s recovery.

Cause children don’t deserve to be spanked. You should NOT spank your child because, your TV has been broken overtime, nor exploded when watching a movie. Children who had their bodies under development need protection against violence. If you’re at all has been moved by this story; people has the enormous power to put an END to spanking is by asking lawmakers to establish a bill that will make it a crime to spank children. If it’s the case you wanted to make spanking illegal, be sure to talk to your lawmakers to pass a bill to protect all children from this form of violence that’s been infecting children’s development for educational needs. Always say NO to being spanked!

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