Burning and beating your child as a punishment is cruelty

There was a petition published online. I’ve signed it, and left a comment there. The mother who is involved in forcing a child to starve for some days in the storage closet,–after he/she was badly beaten. The mother who is currently arrested didn’t even receive a harsh punishment; such as a prison sentence. She needs to face years behind bars, and placed into our child-abuser registry. This practice behind closed doors should be abolished in the United States of America,–just like 33 countries did.

Forcing your child to starve,–after you beaten him/her is cruel, and deadly. If the child was still alive; and he/she managed to get out of confinement, and find a nearby facility to get help; the mother of the child should be end up facing multiple counts of cruelty, and criminal mistreat of her child.

More people should put an END to spanking children because, it doesn’t just cut violence in families; it also help cut expensive medical costs, cut expensive educational costs, cut therapy costs, cut disorders what you can think of, cut crime rates, stabilize our society around the world, encourage humane responsibilities of raising children, cut pollution, cut poaching, cut foster care expenses, cut bullying rate, and promote a spank-free society.

Why this is a problem to children everyday?

During childhood; children needed enrichment, and learn to live without violence. In my opinion; some children can develop their very own language, teach themselves how to use tools, teach themselves about the world, and duplicate what their grandparents are doing. But some parents were rushing… You shouldn’t tell your child to “hurry up”; wait for your child to respond. Training your child takes lots of time to accomplish. But these parents were hitting children to force them to do a task,–rushing them. These parents are claiming they’re teaching their children to do their task, but they’re actually WRONG! These people are actually infringing their rights. They don’t want to be beaten, or thrown into violence. You should not do this to your child because, due to the following:

  • Your child needs to take time to respond to a certain task, or any important task as an enrichment. For example; knowing the world. Your excuses will not be excusible if you were caught abusing your child.
  • A child may be smart enough to teach himself/herself about using common electronics. For example; your child teaches himself how to use a cassette-recorder, and make his/her first recording of her content. Sometimes a child can watch, and learn from an older person operating a stereo, VCR, computer, toaster, microwave oven, game system, TV, Air conditioners, fan systems, pianos and more. Why a child may duplicate what adults are actually doing… It’s based-on their interest, exploration. In some cases; your child can teach himself/herself how to stay away from the platform edge of a subway platform!
  • Schools have certified employees who were specially trained to report possible abuse. They can take any form of suspected signs of abuse of your child.
  • Hitting your child with a clothes hanger, leather belt, large cooking spoon, brooms, pots, your fist/hand, high heel shoe, tennis shoe, hammer, baseball bat, wooden/metal/plastic/glass/stone/cardboard objects, retractable knives, kitchen knives, hot irons, or any other objects can lead to serious injuries, if your child reports abuse at school, or leave your home and find a facility to get help; you’re liable for abuse, any attempts to cover up your harsh acts against your child will NOT be possible, any object what you left after an incident will be collected as evidence.

Locking your child in a confined space,–treating him/her like an inmate, or any animal in an illegal cruel zoo is cruel; you will be liable for your child’s death. And you’re be end up spending time behind bars. Again… your excuses will NOT save you from jail time. If this ever happens to you; and you were taken to court because of abusing your child, and you were convicted of your crime. You’ll face one or more of these following:

  • Face a “no-spank” order for a certain period of time. For example; a mother and father is ordered NOT to spank children, or hire any other sibling to hit a child. Not limited to paid-to-hit schemes, hit for hire, bribing a bully in your family to hit a child; such as permitting a bully in a family to hit a child; use any other entity to hit a child, circumvent “no-spank” orders, and confining a child to a room/area where a child can’t get out. Also no room-restriction.
  • Face either years of restraining-order, or lifetime restraining-order. This also carries hours or days,–or years of community service. This can also include ankle-monitor usage set by the court. This can be used to monitor the parents’ activity with children. This can also include home monitoring.
  • Extended home-monitoring with ankle monitor. Home-monitoring can include sensitive equipment installed by service-providers. But criminals has to pay for daily costs of running these systems,–this is necessary to save tax-payers’ money. Any failure to pay for this system can lead to collections, or garnishments,–or even bank levies.
  • Probation for specified time.
  • Forfeiture of religious rights. Although; this is kind of controversial now these days.
  • Removal of items used for spanking purposes,–not limited to content that encourage parents to spank children.
  • Temperary removal of your children from your home.
  • Participate in humane practices of raising children.
  • Lifetime ban from spanking children. You’ll be monitored by your government. You will also pay fines up to $700,000.
  • Jail time.
  • Prison time.

Real parents don’t do these to children. Violence in families should NOT be propogated towards children under any circumstances.

This post is a response to a petition posted on forcechange.com.

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