You Can’t Cover Up After A Spanking Incident!

This is a story about Lennie.

Lennie lives in a small house with Annet Mouse, Amy Mouse, Annie… their helper for homework, and Katherine… she’s a spoiled princess who can be easily be end up spoiled by anyone! However, Katherine is NOT Annet’s daughter at all, she’s a foster daughter,–brought to Annet’s home via a court-order, due to child cruelty, animal cruelty, child endangerment, neglect, DUi of alcohol, and attempted forced-starvation as a punishment against a child. Katherine’s father, Keith has warned his daughter NOT to hit anyone while she’s being foster cared during her mother’s sentence in prison.

When A parent is doing her necessary activities; such as taking a child to a doctor’s appointment. A member of a family often goes bossy at home.

Lennie is enjoying his time to his doctor’s appointment to get a vaccination. Annet is taking a subway with him to the largest hospital where it has lots of selected medical services, clinics, built-in ER, built-in OR, built-in cafe/commissary, and it’s always active 24/7. A subway train what they’re riding in is a blue and yellow train with 3 sets of doors on each car, large windows, and it’s fully active 24/7. There’s about 22 passengers onboard during the day.

“You need to leave our home earlier because, you needed a vaccination each year,–so you won’t get a big illness,” said Annet, reading a book to Lennie. Annet is reading a book about different kinds of nurses in hospitals. “I thought I’ll get a shot during the winter,” said Lennie, looking into a book. Annet replied, “you need one just incase, your mother is at work. She has to manage servers for a company who host websites for their clients. I have to do this for you,–via your mother’s permission.” Lennie has remembered his mother has left his home days ago to go on a mission to stop the fraudsters. He continued reading a book with Annet while they’re taking a train to the hospital.

Once they reached the hospital; they hopped off the train.

They entered the entrance of the hospital.

Annet and Lennie went up the elevator to the clinic what Lennie’s mother usually take him to.

They walked down the hallway. The hallway is yellow with green triangles. There are purple doors that lead to each room, and there are blue lines on the floor. And the tiles are pink. These lights are bright. They’re LED lights that are colored,–making it look like they’re under the blue sky.

They reached the waiting room, found a bench, and sat down.

Lennie waits for his name to be called while Annet reads the another book to him.

Sometimes; a designated family member can go on a patrol to stop the spank. Either of the following can be done:

  • Listen and watch for possible spanking incidents.
  • Prepare to speak up.
  • Prevent someone from attempt to spank a child.
  • Back at home, Amy Mouse is on patrol to crack down on abuse! She becomes a safeguard for some kids in her home. Amy is focused on preventing any spanking incidents from happening. She is equipped with a phone to report abuse, her knowledge; and her designated task.

    Today, Amy is watching educational TV to get herself educated. She heard the news about the bus what she takes has broke down…

    Amy likes to watch educational TV while her mother is not home. But her sister Amber-Dawn is already at school. Maybe she’s becoming a movie star, or a musician.

    Amy kept watching her favorite shows until her mother and her cousin come back from a hospital.

    What happens if Amy’s mother come home? Will she prevent herself from spanking Amy?

    As they arrived home, Annet has discovered Amy watching educational TV without any ads. “Amy, I know you want to watch educational TV… but you causing my bills to go up. However; I’ll NEVER hit you under any circumstances. I need to pay lots of taxes,–due to my business what I own,” said Annet. Amy replied, “speaking about that… Why don’t you check your coin jar, and catch up on your bills. At minimum… always setup backup funds to keep you stable, but watch out for these skimmers. Turns out… Katherine has been subscribing to these channels what she NOT allowed to view, your parental controls are NOT working right.” Annet has taken a deep breath, and she is calm… she thinks for a minute, until she came up with a solution. She asked Amy if she wanted to have her own cable service to watch educational videos with her grandmother at her house. And Amy said, “yes, it will help.” Annet has checked Amy’s safe full of coins. She has over $400 in change. “I always convert her coins to dollar bills, so far; she has over $1200 saved so far. I usually help my daughter sell her paintings to keep my kids stable, as my little Amy paints a new picture,–after she arrived from school. Since she’s talented… I’ll treat her like an important person.” Amy discovered her time on TV has been used up. She walks to her room to start her new painting. “Sorry about that mistake, but I have to use an ad blocker to protect myself from being spied by corrupted corporations, biggets, and bullies,” said Amy, opening the door to her room.

    Amy can hear Katherine arguing with Annet,–regarding some content what she was watching on TV. “Katherine,” yelled Annet, “why you are watching this? This content is NOT for you to view.” Katherine cried as she attempts to turn the set back on, “I just want to watch it to entertain myself. That’s all!” Annet shuts off the receiver, “you have been raising my bills, and Amy don’t want to be left without any educational content what she relies on. This is my approved content for her. She’s just a young girl who wanted to be educated as a backup.” She points her finger to the large basket of clothes as Katherine tries to restart the receiver. “I can watch this what I ever I want,” Katherine was whining over Annet’s restrictions,–regarding content, “you don’t let me watch my favorite upcoming film.” Annet shouted, as she points to the basket of clothes again, “Katherine, do your task, and do our laundry. This is your sentence. You stole Amy’s money to purchase your own items. You should owe her $200.” Katherine ran to a basket of clothes, picking it up, and bringing it downstairs to the laundry room. “I can’t stand Katherine’s whining over content. She’s totally a spoiled princess,” said Amy, changing colors for her picture, “I better let parts of my picture dry,–so I can gloss it later.” Amy finishes her painting. She can hear Lennie getting ready to watch his favorite TV show.

    If you were a big brother, sister, cousin, mother, or any member of a family becomes a spanking monster; you go out of control with the following:

    • You grab an object to cause a serious harm to your child. That can result to broken bones, exposed wounds, and loss of appetite.
    • You yell and scream with anger and frustration,–and you use foul language.
    • You give someone a finger. this is kind of deceptive, that is the most harmful way to lure a child to danger.

    While lennie was watching TV in his room. He was waiting for his cousin, Eddy to arrive home, but he can hear his big cousin, Katherine on the phone,–responding to Eddy’s teacher, regarding his behavior. Katherine was crossed, but she has a scheme that is totally malicious and dangerous… But Lennie is about to bring this mysterious activity to light.

    Meanwhile; Eddy has arrived from school, he climbs the stairs to his house with a sad face, and he’s scared of being hit by his parents, he wished he was protected against spanking.

    As Annet is about to go to the store to buy some food and supplies; she discovered Amy putting clothes in the dryer downstairs. She thought Katherine is doing her job. Annet was angry, “Katherine, you lost your privilige of listening to music on our stereo system.” But Katherine hasn’t been seen.

    Suddenly, Lennie heard screaming and crying from Eddy’s room. He grabs his camcorder, and starts recording the incident. He can hear Katherine demanding Eddy to take off his clothes with an angry voice. Lennie yelled, “you should watch your mouth Katherine. Stop forcing him to strip naked, you have no business doing this in his room. Do you know it’s against the law to do this to a child?” Katherine didn’t budge… she is still demanding him to take off his clothes. What’s wrong with Katherine? She is kind of vicious!

    A big sister, or big brother isn’t immune to legal consequences. If you were caught hitting a child; and someone reports abuse; you will be in serious trouble.

    Katherine has struck Eddy with a leather belt. Annet and Amy can hear Eddy screaming while Katherine yells at him. Lennie warns Annet to stop the spank. But Annet can’t hear Lennie at all.

    Lennie keeps the tape rolling as he runs towards Annet who is about to go to the store. “Katherine is hitting Eddy bad over his behavior at school,” yelled Lennie. Annet looks at Lennie with his math workbook. She said, “what behavior and a hitting act is it.” Lennie shouted, “this is no joke! Take action right away.” Annet sets her credit card aside,–on a table where it was safely stored in her safe. She always keep her safe hidden.

    Annet runs to Eddy’s room. And what she discovered what Lennie is telling her about this issue.

    He’s dealing with his sister who is responsible for spanking a child with a leather belt.

    Lennie starts to stop Katherine from hitting Eddy, but Lennie has been kicked away. However, Katherine’s kicking has failed after Lennie used his rubber block to distract her. Annet tries to snatch the belt from her. Eddy’s screaming fills the room.

    Her foster mother; Annet is frustrated, due to her foster daughter’s harsh acts against Amy Mouse‘s cousin, Eddy. Annet delivers a powerful smack to stop Katherine from hitting Eddy. She yelled, “shame on you Katherine! Eddy doesn’t deserve this. You are a dangerous person who is responsible for this incident.” Amy heard Katherine scream when Annet has took the belt from her. Katherine was yelling like crazy. And Amy said,” like sister what… you’re a bad sister.” Amy rushes to Eddy’s room, and removing Eddy from the corner Lennie helps her move eddy out to safety. “Spanking your child is not excusible,” said Lennie, removing a long rope from Eddy’s legs.

    Spanking has harmful effects. You can’t hide what you’ve done to your child.

    Ramone rushes to the bathroom to get some towels and sheets to get him a chance to get his clothes back on.

    Annet grabs items from ramone.

    You will be punished for hitting your brother, or anyone. You shall NOT do this under any circumstances. Even legal consequences may occur too!

    “You deserved a time out!” shouted Annet, “you don’t deserve to go to the store with me, and I have to take my nephew to the emergency room,–due to your abusive act.” Eddy was bleeding from his arms, legs, and his head. Amy grabs Lennie’s camcorder, and played back the incident. Annet was angry. She contacted the ambulance.

    Once Eddy was loaded on to an ambulance, Amy sits next to Eddy as Lennie tells the EMT what exactly happened via his video what he’s playing on his camcorder. The EMT was shocked to see this. The another paramedic has the right tools to help Eddy. He was bleeding so badly, he needs some serious treatment. Annet explains even further with this video.

    As the ambulance reaches the hospital; Eddy is rolled into the ER via a stretcher. Amy talks to Eddy softly as paramedics roll the stretcher to the ER. “Don’t worry Eddy.” said Amy, “these important people are here to help you.” Eddy isn’t responding. He was in pain!

    Back at home; Amber-Dawn is doing her homework, Ramone is just folding his clothes. He is also waiting for his tea to be brewed.

    Suddenly, he heard the knock on a door…

    Ramone answers the door. It was a police officer. And it’s a black officer. he said, “I’m here to investigate this home for possible signs of abuse.” Ramone said, “this is the right place.” Ramone allows the officer to enter his home. “Don’t mind if I can search this house?” asked the officer. “Yes, you can!” Ramone exclaimed, “I’ll count on you because, I like policemen.” The officer starts searching upstairs of their home. The other officer interviews Ramone.

    The officer who is upstairs is finding Katherine. The police dog is tracing her trail…

    As they reached Katherine’s room; they open up the door and started to talk to her.

    “Have you been spanking children recently?” said of these officers, seizing a belt that is coated with hair and blood. “I did NOT, his mother did it,” yelled Katherine with aan angry face,–getting out of her chair. “Why do I see blood and hair on this belt? You are lying to us. You did this to your cousin,” yelled the officer, getting ready to place Katherine in cuffs.

    One officer begins to arrest Katherine. And the officer said, “You are under arrest for criminal child cruelty, and spanking your cousin with a belt.” The officer confiscates the leather belt. It has Eddy’s blood on it. The another officer was shocked because, Katherine has been hitting Eddy with a dangerous object. They escourted her out of her room,–out the door.

    Katherine begins to whine and cry. But the officers are just escorting her to the police van.

    Once Katherine is loaded on to their van; they took off,–heading to jail.

    Back at the hospital; Eddy is about to meet a nurse who is going to take care of him. The nurse felt bad of his injuries, but their NOT. He was abused by Katherine. Amy told the nurse about this issue. And the nurse agreed with Amy’s words.

    Once you’re in jail or on probation; you should NOT spank anyone; in some cases; you will be facing more sanctions against you for spanking children.

    In jail; Katherine is having her picture taken, and her fingerprints taken at the booking room. She being registered as an inmate 224. Other inmates has never seen her before!

    When Katherine was assigned to a cell; she was supplied with limited items for her time in jail.

    Days later; Eddy has been saved successfully by his newly assigned nurse who is successfully hired by Annet. Eddy is at home. Ramone can see Katherine’s items left in her room… Katherine was gone!

    During lunch; Katherine is in court. She’s on trial. She faces a judge who is so strict.

    Katherine faces multiple charges. And the judge finds her guilty of her crime.

    Katherine was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Maybe she will think about her unlawful scheme what she did.

    Court is now in recess.

    Katherine is hauled off to prison far away from her home.

    New laws has been made to help prevent spanking at home, school, or any place from happening.

    Lennie and Amy has started to raise funds to prevent spanking from happening in the city.

    Somehow; Katherine is sent back home. Maybe their prison is full. Maybe she’s spending 14 years probation. And she’s been ordered NOT to spank a child for 44 years. Amy has told Katherine why spanking is bad. Currently; Katherine is wearing a large ad that indicates what she did wrong. She has to perform 1000 hours of walk of shame, and 4000 hours of community service, and 4 years of administrative watch via a government.

    Eddy felt better when the nurse gave him a set of well cards from some of his classmates. The nurse said, “I wish more people should stop spanking because, we help cut bad behavior and criminal activities, and violence in families.” Eddy isn’t able to go to school because, his teacher has discovered his cousin, Katherine was in prison. That caused some schools to close. Katherine’s incident that was brought to light has made history to this city.

    Lennie is rewarded a tea party for saving Eddy because, he cought Katherine spanking him.

    Keith has interviewed Amy about her difficulties. Amy told him about it during the tea party.

    Keith has discovered Katherine missing out her favorite time of a day. But she is not allowed to leave her room,–due to Annet’s administrative actions against her. Katherine can’t leave her room,–until her time is up. She is serving 90 minutes.

    Ramone varifies if Katherine is compliant with her probation officer.

    Katherine is still in her room. She can’t watch TV, or listen to music, but she can read a book.

    Lennie, Amy, Ramone, Annet, and Eddy has lived happily ever after!

    What you should do?

    • If your child is bad at school,–after a teacher calls you about your problematic child; stay calm. Panicking and thinking about spanking your child makes it worse.
    • If your child comes back from school, never attempt to spank, give a child a finger,–signaling a hit, yell at your child. Especially big sisters, big brothers, cousins, etc.
    • Do speak to your child calmly. You might need to take your child to a specialist to find out what’s wrong with your child.
    • Be calm when you child has a bad report card. Never spank your child with any object for any other reason. You can dispute this issue with a teacher at school what your child goes to. Or you had an option to switch a different school that is compatable with your child educational needs. Special education is available.
    • Never confine your child to these places that can put your child at risk.

    • Limit priviliges humanely; room-restrictions are NOT recommended,–it’s been criticized by some people.
    • Talk to the teacher about ways to resolve your child’s bad behavior.
    • Yelling and shouting at your child makes it worse. If your child discovered you had tried to threaten him/her; and he/she reports abuse,–with a help of a designated brother or sister, you will go to jail. Never hit your child. Claiming it as a “tap” doesn’t NOT make you immuned to the law enforcement arresting you for abuse.
    • Never allow anyone to hit a child. If you hired someone to hit a child; you and your person what you’ve hired will go to prison, and that will cause you to lose all of your child-raising priviliges.
    • Always review educational TV shows what your child is watching, and think about it.
    • Never set rules that cause a child to be in danger of being spanked. If you are a parent who is covering up this act, and it’s brought to light; you will be end up facing lots of sanctions by your government. These rules in your house should be changed, or removed and reset with new ones.

    If you were an activist who were pressuring your government to implement a new law to put an end to spanking

    Be sure to talk to any governing agency, or something similar to introduce a new law that will prohibit spanking from your country/state/province.

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