The Misery Behind Closed Doors of Our Home

On the next few minutes; we’re virtually going behind closed doors of our family homes,–revealing the truth… how do children in our family make a journey from baby crib to world!

For many years, many children around the world were end up exploided by their own parents. That ranges from spanking to abandonment, and other abuse. Many parents often yell and smack them to correct them from wrong-doing. This barberric practice has been deemed legal by some parents who were gaming the system.

Children who were raised in either big, or small family via any religion that promotes spanking children as a punishment that is barberric. Many parents used clothes hangers, leather belts, metal kitchen spoons, and other objects. Parents has claim the lord gave them the right to spank children. Many children has suffered from these injuries after being spanked by their parents. Many of them were forced to do tasks, such as sweeping the floor, clean their rooms, etc. These children were in pain, and they can’t do any of these humane tasks, and participate in any of these activities, such as playtime, watching educational TV, going outside, modern education, and enforce their rights against violence. Many TV shows for children didn’t even teach children to reject spanking, or be educated about reporting abusive parents.

The moment the children go to school, some of our children has trouble learning basic needs to thrive towards adulthood; many of our children has trouble focusing on their teacher, and doing work. But NOT even 1 teacher is trained to report suspected spanking activity at home. Some of the children has trouble telling the teacher what went wrong at home. Untold, many children has bad report cards, and many parents has been spanking children because of a bad report card. Their parents didn’t even take a child to a specialist to check their IQ level. And many of these parents who were cruel are sometimes neglectful. Cruelty against children is illegal in some countries, but corrupted societies at the US, and Asian countries has put all children in danger. There’s over 200,000 children been spanked by their parents every 30 minutes.

Many children at some religious schools has also suffered the same fate. Spanking has been kept behind closed doors for many years. Children’s rights has been infringed so bad, some children has complained it to many activists, and officials. In some cases, some schools were ordered to ban spanking to protect our children. But many of our religious schools didn’t even understand; spanking promotes violence. Teaching children about a bible, and a verse 1324 puts them all at risk of potential threat. This is kind of dangerous to do this to your children, and it’s even illegal in some countries who care about women and children, 24 countries and counting has did it. Spanking doesn’t teach a child a lesson, but puts him/her at risk!

As children reach 13 years of age, their parents still do the same thing. A parent claimed they “tapped” their child, but the child claimed this is no tap, but a fatal smack. That resulted a parent facing lots of alligations of abuse. They’ve been fighting courts for years, but they lost the court-battle after the official at school has presented evidence. And many parents has been sentenced to years behind bars. Many teenagers has trouble taking responsibility because their parents has been involved in abusing children. Sticking out a middle-finger is a top weapon to put children, and teens at risk of being hit by their parents, grandparents, aunts, sisters, brothers, uncles, priests, teachers, etc. There’s no such law that prohibits spanking from happening at home.

Many families defended their right to spank children for any wrong-doing, deemed legal by our broken parenting industries, and corrupted societies. Spank addicts are the top abusers of children behind closed doors of our homes around the world. Family traditions are about to go obsolete because, controversies has been documented by many activists who wanted to put an END to spanking for our world. Cause, parents should NOT call children ‘demons’ when children is out of control at home or school. This endless outcry hasn’t been resolved at all. In my opinion; abuse can still happen. and there’s no way to stop this form of barberric spanking, and flogging of anyone.

Even adults still suffer these endless effects of spanking, ranging from PTSD, suicidal thoughts, seizures, mental illness, drop of IQ levels, and other disorders. That can also lead to people commiting criminal acts, such as: murder, rape, homicide, terrorism, drunk driving, use of harmful substances, sexual offenses, assult, vandalism, infanticide, animal abuse, and arson. That cause some of our prisons to overflow and overcrowd, corrupt our police system, pollute our environment, and destroy rainforests around the world, increase hunting levels, and cause our world to be unsafe. Untold; millions of infants has been killed by their own parents,–after they’re been spanked, and beaten. There’s over 200 bullies at each school around the world.

If you’re a child has been spanked by a parent, you had the right to run away, and report abuse, you had a secret weapon that enables you to get your parent who is abusive punished to the full extent of the law. Schools with deddicated cordinators are ready to help. Or complain it to your principal, or your school administrator,–or anyone who is willing to help you out, keep speaking up, until they take serious action. If you were injured, but you managed to catch the bus, speak to your school bus driver, and tell them what actually happened, your teacher will prompt you to visit the nurses department, school nurses take signs of abuse seriously. A deddicated social worker will talk to you about an incident at home. If injuries, cuts, bruises, or even broken bones were present; your social worker will contact someone to report your parent to your local law-enforcing agency that is deddicated to protect our children from abuse. Keep telling them a long story, and ask him/her to write it down, and photograph injuries. If you were severely beaten, but you managed to catch the bus to school, the driver may contact emergency services to take you to the hospital. If you can’t reach the school, but you still need help, run out of your room, and find the phone, and contact your local emergency service to get help. Once help arrives, follow the instructions, and let the police department, search your parents home/apartment, an ambulance might need to bring you to the hospital. If you had a buddy in your room, tell your buddy you’ve suspected abuse, and call for help right-away. If you whitnessed abuse, report it right-away. If you had a camera running to record video footage, it can be useful to track down the abuser. Let the local authorities take your recorded footage,so it can be used ad evidence for an upcoming court case, or submitted to social workers who were trained to stop abusive parents.

To parents who were struck with multiples of alligations, if you’re been posing as a non-violent individual, but you left a mess at home, you’re still subject to further alligations, and penalties. It doesn’t matter what religion what you’ve joined, what your race is, etc. These excuses will NOT help you escape from these alligations of abusing children. Appealing these alligations will NOT be easy! If you were misrepresenting what actually happened at home, you’ll be taken to court, and you’re also going to face prison time. Once you’re in prison, your freedom is taken away. And in some cases, you’ll be BANNED from spanking children for the rest of your life.

If these alligations were true, that means you’re subject to orders by social workers, and the court. And what ‘s just mentioned above, you’ll be end up in prison, your child will be taken away from you, you will lose your parental rights, your earnings from your job, book-publishing, website-monetization, or any kind of earnings streams will be garnished to the full extent of the law; and you will lose your ability to work at any place where children were present. If you’re a repeat-offender who struck again, or gamed the system, you will be end up being monitored by most agencies,–depending on a sentence issued by the court, or social workers.

Now these days; most social workers wanted children to be safe because, they’re NOT ours to spank under any circumstances.

What To Do If you Spotted An Incident Like This

Report it to law enforcement right-away. Don’t think about spanking children when starting a new family. And Educate your child about harmful effects of spanking, and ways to keep it out of your family. Make a commitment today by choosing a spank-free lifestyle, and spank-free events. Spank-free schools, daycare centers, workplaces, countries, cities, states, regions, and camps are available. Say NO to spanking, and a bible verse 13:24.

A decision is yours. If you’re been moved by this post, and you care about children, spread the word about this post, and do share it to your friend! Thank You!

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