You Can’t Cover Up After A Spanking Incident!

This is a post what your parents who were responsible for spanking children don’t want you to read. Although; coverups after spanking can be brought to light,–if you reported any possible abuse. If you were a designated child, or person who discovered spanking, it’s a good idea to report abuse right away.

Allowing someone else to hit a child is considered abuse, and it puts a child in danger. Rules in your family doesn’t make you immuned to being arrested for spanking your child with an object, such as a leather belt.

Within this story; what would Lennie do if he suspected spanking activity has been occured. Will he save him by himself; or warn his mother and speak up?

This is a story about Lennie.

Lennie lives in a small house with Annet Mouse, Amy Mouse, Annie… their helper for homework, and Katherine… she’s a spoiled princess who can be easily end up spoiled by anyone! However, Katherine is NOT Annet’s daughter at all, she’s a foster daughter,–brought to Annet’s home via a court-order, due to child cruelty, animal cruelty, child endangerment, neglect, DUi of alcohol, and attempted forced-starvation as a punishment against a child. Katherine’s father, Keith has warned his daughter NOT to hit anyone while she’s being foster cared during her mother’s sentence in prison.

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